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Owning the .com version of your name provides you with a multitude of benefits, from personal branding to professional opportunities.

Here's just a few reasons why it's so advantageous to secure your domain name right now, before someone else does:

  1. Professional Credibility: A personalized .com domain lends a professional touch to your digital presence, making you stand out in a sea of generic profiles and platforms.

  2. Personal Branding: It's a cornerstone for building and controlling your personal brand. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, artist, or professional, a .com domain with your name can serve as the central hub for your personal narrative and accomplishments.

  3. Control Over Your Online Identity: Owning your .com domain means you have full control over the content associated with your name, helping you manage your online reputation effectively.

  4. Enhanced Visibility and SEO: Having a dedicated .com domain improves your chances of ranking higher in search engine results when someone searches for your name, making you more visible and accessible, standing out from all of the other people sharing your name.

  5. Custom Email Address: It allows you to create a professional-looking email address (, which enhances trust and credibility in professional communications.

  6. Avoid Abuse: If you don't own, someone else might, potentially using it in ways that could harm your reputation or dilute your online identity.

  7. Easy Accessibility: A .com domain with your name is simple and intuitive for others to remember, making it easier for potential clients, employers, or contacts to find you.

  8. Networking Tool: Your personal .com can serve as a dynamic digital business card, ideal for networking and sharing with professional contacts.

  9. Creative Freedom: With your own domain, you have the creative freedom to design and structure your site in a way that best represents you, without the constraints of third-party platforms.

  10. Global Recognition: The .com TLD (Top-Level Domain) is the most valuable, recognized and trusted domain extension worldwide, giving your personal brand a global appeal. Don't settle for anything less than the .com version.

  11. Future Projects: Owning your .com gives you a versatile platform to launch future projects, blogs, portfolios, or even businesses, all tied back to your personal brand.

  12. Privacy Protection: With your own domain, you can better control what personal information is public and what stays private, unlike on many social media platforms.

  13. Educational and Career Opportunities: A well-curated .com domain showcasing your skills, portfolio, and achievements can open doors to new educational and career opportunities.

  14. Legacy and Personal History: It can serve as a digital legacy, a place where your achievements, stories, and memories are preserved for future generations.

You Don't Need Even Need a Site with Domain Name Redirection (It's Super Easy!)

Owning your name as a .com domain is an invaluable asset in today's digital world. It's not just about having a website; it's about taking control of your online presence, enhancing your professional and personal image, and opening up a world of opportunities.

A domain name that incorporates your own name, offers a flexible and powerful tool for managing your online presence.

One of the key advantages of owning such a domain is the ability to redirect it to any online page or profile you choose. This includes your work-related pages, such as your LinkedIn profile or company website, and your social media profiles, like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

How Domain Redirection Works:

Domain Redirection: This is a potent feature provided by NameCheap, allowing you to forward anyone who types in your to automatically be taken to any other web address (URL) of your choice.

This process is seamless for everyone; they just enter and end up on the page you've designated, without any hassles.

Email Forwarding: In addition to domain redirection, you can also use your domain name as your email address. can set it up to forward email sent to to any other email addresses, or have your other email accounts (like Gmail) forwarded to your email account. It's totally up to you.


  • Central Hub: Your domain name becomes a central hub for your online identity. Instead of remembering multiple URLs for your various profiles, people only need to know your domain name, and you control where it "points".

  • Professionalism and Branding: Using your own domain for redirection adds a layer of professionalism and personal branding. It shows you've invested in your online presence and are savvy about managing it.

  • Flexibility: The destination of your domain redirection can be updated at any time. This means you can redirect to your LinkedIn profile today, a personal portfolio tomorrow, or your Twitter feed next week, depending on your current focus or need.

  • Simplicity: This approach simplifies your online interactions. Whether you're networking, applying for jobs, or promoting your personal brand, you have one URL that takes people where you want them to go.

  • Consistency: Having a consistent name across your online and professional presence strengthens your personal brand. Your domain name serves as a permanent, unchanging point of contact, even as the platforms you use may change over time.

Use Cases:

  • Professional Networking: Redirect your domain to your LinkedIn profile to make it easier for potential employers or networking contacts to find and learn about your professional background.

  • Portfolio: If you're an artist, designer, writer, or freelancer, redirect your domain to an online portfolio where potential clients can view your work.

  • Social Media: If you're active on a particular social media platform and want to increase your following or engagement, redirect your domain to your profile page.

  • Content Creation: For bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters, your domain can redirect to the latest platform or site hosting your content, making it easy for your audience to stay up-to-date.

Owning with your name and using it for redirection offers a versatile, professional, and user-friendly way to manage your online presence. It allows you to guide others to your most relevant or preferred online space, ensuring that your personal brand is consistently represented across the digital landscape.

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I have had the same AOL email address (please don't laugh at me) since 1996 and it's the same email address I use for my PayPal account, which I've had for 20+ years. Also, I own my name as a .com:

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Get Now Only $179!

I use PayPal for your security.